Baltic Circus on the Road: Kanta Company


Kanta Company at Rīgas cirks residency 

Lithuania based circus artists “Kanta company” May 17–31 are working on their show “Clothes and us” during a residency in Rigas cirks in the frameworks of “Baltic Circus on the Road” project. Kanta company’ s pitch at the open call competition was chosen by an international jury and they were selected as a company with great potential to represent the quality of the Baltic circus arts in European scope. 

The show is about how clothes will take over the world. Audience will see fabrics change shape and come alive.

The residency involves mentoring sessions from the circus director, artist and teacher Jason Dupree, who helps artists to reach their artistic aims of creating an outdoor version of their show.

During the residency the artists – Kęstas Matusevičius, Aino Mäkipää and Lyla Goldman aim to finalise solo acts, adjust the rigging design for outdoors, search for solutions for outdoor show problems (wind, rain, sun, audience everywhere, ground, different surroundings, etc.). Main aim of the residency – to make the outdoor version of “Clothes and Us”. Artists work on – “no backstage” version for the show to be more adjustable for outdoor spaces and adjusting dramaturgy of the show, keeping the flow of the show.

Photos: Dainius Putinas