The Piti Peta Hofen Show


A rascally performance for the whole family

3 countries, 3 jugglers, 3 objects. 45 minutes filled with humour, craziness and secret techniques never seen before by a human audience.
Length of show: approx. 45 min (no intermission)
Age restriction: for all ages

March 5 at 6 and 8 PM at Daile theatre

3 characters live in an absurd universe, with contradictory logics where stupidity reigns and juggling is the mother tongue. The Piti Peta Hofen Show is a mix of 3 completely different personal styles, showed through theatre, improvisation and the obsession of objects. The show is based on extreme poetry. A style of dramaturgy where the notion of improvisation and acting are mixed in a dimension of creative chaos.