Photo gallery: the premiere of DANDELION


Rooted in the collaboration project between Riga Circus and Acting for climate that started a year ago and which grew through youth labs and workshops, the final performance PIENENE / DANDELION celebrated a spectacular premiere last weekend in Riga, Latvia!

With elements of climate activism, circus, dance, music and art, the performance also involved the audience in a playful and interactive way. At the heart of the experience, the artists and audience share a form of symbiosis and togetherness, reminded of the strength we share when collaborating. But like a dandelion pushing through concrete, there is also strength in each one of us individually.

Photos by Lauris Vīksne

Project Circus for Climate and performance DANDELION are funded by a grant from European Economic Area (EEA). More information about the EEA Grants Financial mechanism can be found here.