First artist in residency


In August of 2018 the Riga Circus welcomes the first artist of the Residency Program – Alexis Akrovatakis. Stockholm based artist aims to create material and explore the possibilities for his solo project by the name Jostka.

Born by a communist mother and the Mediterraneo mafiozi father, lived a childhood full of colours, astonishing times in the heart of a small town of Greece called Thessaloniki. From the gangs of the Greek National Acrobatics team and the ‘champions son’ life he landed straight into the Ukrainian circus education lava.

Miles and miles and missed flights.
From cabaret to corporative and the dollar pouring events.
From normality into the endless madness.
From the self-destruction into the arts.
From constant self-loss into rebirth, and the final steps of transformation pushing the limit of co-existence and acceptance.

From the ground of acrobatics passed through the air and right back to the ground as recognizing body control has released forever the endless possibilities.
Raised by the Dobermans of Svalbard company (Sweden), and conceiving the TweniTweni project has been the inspiration of stepping a foot into the solo project by the name Jostka.

Photo credit: Karol Jarek, Sophie Lu Roux, Festivāls Komēta.



Supported by: The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme