Final steps in the first part of circus reconstruction


The reconstructions energoeficency works at the Riga circus building are coming to an end and together with the Christmas celebrations, we will finally be able to welcome our audience inside the new space. At the first part of 2023 there will still be some furnishing needed, but it won’t stand in the way of doing some shows already at the end of 2022.

Take a look:

Foto: Kristīne Madjare

The 134 year old building is returning to its original look – the facade, the dome, the coloring, as well as the original gate for the horses is back – without any horses though. This gate will serve as an entrance into the building.

We remind you that the works that are finishing at this time are dedicated to the improvement of energoeficency. The complete works that are planned are only just starting and there is a lot more to come, but whilst these other improvements will be built and done the circus team will be able to work from this building and organize shows there.

These works are being possible thanks to the financial support of Latvian Ministry of Culture and ERAF.