“Circus Push!” workshop with Aedín Walsh! in Vilnius


Contemporary Circus Association of Lithuania invited Baltic professional circus and movement artists to participate in the workshop with amazing Aedín Walsh during December 9-10,2023 in Arts Printing House, Vilnius Lithuania.

Travel bursaries provided by “Grassroot – Baltic circus artists’ network” supported by the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture

The mentor commented: As professional artists from different specialties/practices and approaches were welcomed, this workshop was aimed at each of them together as a group, and individually experiencing and questioning the following:  Being present, the art of being available in the listening to the present moment; Tuning in, to each other, to strangers, to a space, an object or a discipline. How to become ‘in tune’;  Artists’ agency and choices in movement, onstage and in practice. What role does disobedience have, how can disobedience enliven us and connect us to our art/each other, specifically; can we be more disobedient in Circus?
“How to do nothing onstage” (Ueli Hirzel) – the fascination of the still circus body, the awaiting/presence/calm.


About the teacher: Aedín Walsh is an Irish born artist based in France also working under the alias Seraph Id. She has been working as a performer and director in the fields of aerial performance, physical theatre, dance, spoken word and clowning for the past 16 years. Her primary circus discipline is aerial Corde Lisse(rope), but also works on equipment of her own invention. She holds a BA in ‘Dance Theatre’ from Trinity Laban, and an MA in ‘New Performance Practices specializing in Circus’ from DOCH (now SKH) at Stockholm University of the Arts. She was previously the replacement head of BA program in Circus at DOCH/SKH in 2019, and also the fulltime Artistic Director of the Cirkus Cirkör upper secondary school circus program between 2016-2021.