Disclosing of the mottoes

The mottoes of the prize-winning entries of the competition The Renovation of the Historic Building of the Riga Circus and Development Vision for the Territory have been announced and the mottoes disclosed.

On Monday, 11 June, at 1 p.m., a public event for the opening and disclosing of the mottoes of the international sketch design competition The Renovation of the Historic Building of the Riga Circus and Development Vision for the Territory took place in the Drawing Room of the Faculty of Architecture, at RTU. The International Jury awarded two second places and two third places, and gave four incentive awards. The Procurement Committee will continue its work to determine the winners by verifying their qualification.

“This is a significant moment for the Riga Circus – we have acquired several good visions for the future of the circus building, which will allow the façade and the arena, once designed by Jānis Frīdrihs Baumanis, to be reborn in a long-term perspective and will also enable a full use of the territory of the Riga Circus both by the artists and the public”, Ināra Kehre, a Board Member of the Riga Circus said and added that “we appreciate the great interest and involvement in the competition – competition documents were issued to 149 persons, the website was frequently visited, 20 designs were submitted showing great contribution and efforts of their authors devoted to the study of the building and elaboration of new solutions and visions.”

According to Juris Dambis, head of the State Inspection for Heritage Protection and architect, who acted as a member of the Jury, “the competition has been a success, bringing many good ideas. The number of prize-winners even exceeded expectations. There are four incentive awards, two third places and two runners-up whose designs are of equally high quality. Considering that the project is rather complex and includes many architectural and functional aspects, each of the awarded entries needs some improvements to be proposed by the Jury”.

The International Competition The Renovation of the Historic Building of the Riga Circus and Development Vision for the Territory was announced on 2 March 2018. Its aim was to find the best solution for the building of the Riga Circus enabling development of high-quality and versatile circus art in the following directions: shows, education and residencies. Until 4 June the participants of the competition had to submit plans of the building, defining general scopes and their schematic layout in the territory of the prospective development.

For several days the submitted entries (at this stage their authors were anonymous and they were identified by mottoes) were evaluated by the International Jury, consisting of Chairperson of the Jury Jānis Dripe, a representative from the Ministry of Culture of the RL, Deputy Chairperson of the Jury Ināra Kehre, Board Member of SLLC “Rīgas cirks” and members of the Jury: Mārtiņš Ķibers, Creative Director of SLLC “Rīgas cirks”, architect Juris Dambis, head of the State Inspection for Heritage Protection, architect Regīna Bula, a representative from the Riga City Architect’s Office, Aigars Kušķis, a representative from the Riga City Development Department, Agrita Maderniece, a representative from the Riga City Construction Board, Toms Kokins, a representative from the Latvian Association of Architects, Yohann Floch, a foreign circus expert and consultant from France, Professor Jo Coenen, a foreign architect and urban planner from Netherlands, and Lionel Lejeune, a circus artist and lecturer with 25 years of experience, including in planning of circus venues, from Finland. The Secretary-in-Charge of the Jury was architect Dace Kalvāne.

Jānis Dripe, Chairperson of the Jury, said: “The fact that the first place was not awarded, giving two second and two third places instead, implies some continuation of the competition. Negotiations with the award-winners will allow them to improve their designs and get an even better result for the public benefit.”

According to the Brief and the procedure set out in the Public Procurement Law, the Procurement Committee continues work in a closed session, verifying the compliance of the qualification of the award-winners with the requirements of the Brief. The decision on the winner will be made after the verification of the qualification; the contract on development of the construction design will be signed after the negotiation procedure.

Until August the competition entries will be displayed at the Faculty of Architecture, RTU, Ķīpsalas iela 6, 4th floor.

NB! Down below summarises the prizes awarded by the competition jury and winners of the incentive awards, but this cannot be considered a result of the competition. The Procurement Committee’s decision will be published in accordance with the procedure set out in the Public Procurement Law.

Disclosed mottoes:

(Uldis Lukševics, Ivars Veinbergs, Zigmārs Jauja, Ilze Mekša,
Elīna Lībiete, Ieva Lāce – Lukševica, Inga Dubinska)



2nd place Association:



CRKS2018 3rd place Association:

(João Maria Ventura Trindade)

AAAA0009 3rd place SIA “SINTIJA VAIVADE_ARHITEKTE” (Sintija Vaivade)


IIII1111 Incentive award Association:

– SIA “MAILĪTIS A.I.I.M” (Austris Mailītis)


VFQD1372 Incentive award ADRIAN PHIFFER
FREE1234 Incentive award Association:

– SIA “MADE ARHITEKTI” (Miķelis Putrāms)

– SIA “GAISS ARHITEKTI” (Kārlis Melzobs)

LIDO1001 Incentive award Association:

SIA “LAAGA” (Madara Gibze, Paulis Gibze)
– Independent architects:

Helvijs Savickis, Manuel Bonell, Ilva Cīrule, Uldis Āmars, Elza Rone

(Māris Bušs, Marc Geldof, Helena Gūtmane, Eva Plaude,
Ilze Rukšāne)
– Artist Kristians Mednis
– Visual identity SIA “McCann Rīga” (Ljeta Putāne,
Gatis Zēbergs)

– Building structures SIA “ARENSO” (Matīss Apsītis)
SIA “LINIA” (Arvīds Līkops)


Conclusion of the jury: http://cirks.metukonkurss.lv/?lang=en