“Creative Collective Lekuche” (Ukraine) from Ukraine will be visiting Riga with a contemporary dance and physical theatre show “Tear” and with a short film “Tell Me – Де Ти”. The event will be for free with limited free tickets.

On the week of Latvian independence day, we often get reminded of how important it is to live in a free and peaceful country. Together with festival “RE RIGA!” we have invited these Ukrainian artists to show our support and organize a place where the audience can watch the show.

Photos from the show: HERE

Photos from the workshop: HERE

When: 16th of November at 8 pm

Where: Riga circus

Suggested age: 12+

Length of the show: 66 min

Length of the short film: 12 min

About the show “Tear”

“A world of turmoil and confusion hides behind this small word. We cry of joy, pain, laughter, anger. Emotions tear us apart, one tear at a time. In this world every action, however small, creates a new turn to the story, another emotion is shown through. Because such are the times: war, displacement, migration, and everlasting passion for life and death that blooms in strong feelings of love and hate.

We live through the stories of three different people and just one day (it is always today, always the present moment), when each of them makes a decision that is too big, too abrupt, too drastic.  Witnessing this exciting process there are alarming and strange creatures from some slightly other dimension present on the stage. They are buffoons. They mock and scare you and main characters, but they are there to remind all of us of who we are.”

This devised theater performance is made by a team of Ukrainian and Lithuanian theatre creators.

About the short film “Tell Me – Де Ти”

Before the show there will be a possibility to watch “Tell Me – Де Ти” – a short film bout the horrific events happening in the war torn Ukraine.

How does our body respond to the violence of war? How does the psyche wrestle with the ultimate threat to our wellbeing and security? How does it feel to leave home, not knowing whether you will ever return? This short dance film is an exploration of the visceral after-effects of the war in Ukraine. Four dancers delve into the difficult emotions and borderline states that the war leaves us with, expressing them through dance, poetry and visual storytelling.

Directed by: Maria Koreneva

Camera: Evaldas Arlauskas

Dancers: Eva Sai, Elmyra Ragimova, Nikita Berezko, Sandro Garibashvili

Produced by: Sandro Garibashvili

About “Creative Collective Lekuche”

“Creative Collective Lekuche” is a collective that consists of two artists know in Ukraine as  “The 5th Floor Studios”.  The two artists are – poet, dancer and producer Sandro Garibashvili and actress, director and educator Maria Koreneva.

Sandro’s background is in Lecoq based physical theater, however, his curiosity for the creative process, over the years, has taken him from street theater, to music stage and into film making. He has written, produced and acted in a myriad of original stage works in Chicago, Boston, London and over Eastern Europe, and in recent years has began creating works for the screen. He has produced the visually stunning film, ‘The Hill’ with Konstantin Zorkin, which was selected for the Asolo Film Festival, in Venice. As well as ‘Tell Me – Де Ти?’ a dance film based on his own experience of life during the russian invasion of Ukraine. Sandro has been a mentor and teacher on two international projects with Danish theater ‘C:ntact,’ with whom he has co-created two youth witness performances in Ukraine, based around the Donbass war and the social phenomena of corruption. Together with his partner Maria Koreneva, he leads group workshops in Neutral Mask, Collective devising, the Red Nose mask (clown), and the Bouffon.

Maria studied Lecoq based physical theater at the London School of Performing Arts. In 2005 she co-founded the Eleffant-Foot theater company with Sandro Garibashvili in Chicago, USA, which contributed four original productions to the local physical theater scene. After a short US career, she decided to return to her home town in Kharkiv, Ukraine, where she initiated a Physical Theater School and has taught Ensemble devised physical theater since 2013. In parallel to her theatrical activity she has earned a license as a Geshtalt therapist and has become a practitioner. Maria has adapted an improvisational approach to theater creation, with an emphasis on physical presence and the uncontrived and personal stories of the actors.

Maniesto of  the Creative Collective Lekuche:

“We are the constant movement of this world, discovering itself through new forms. We would like to create a dialogue with you in the form of dance. Let’s engage with what is most important in our life, without a filter, lets be present with the moment, neither adding nor taking away from its great energy. Let’s find the emotional root of the stories we live through and let them take us to great heights. We are moved by stories that unite us, poetry that transforms our dreams into visions, sincerity of the exposed truth of human states, and playfulness that elevates that truth.”

When you attend this event, you enter an area where photography, audio, and video recording may occur. By entering the event premises, you consent to such recording media and its release, publication, exhibition or reproduction.