“Somos” circus show – in September 2021


Compagnie Bêstîa “Somos”

We live in a divided world where each of us tries to affirm or even claim an identity, to justify our existence. A world where the word «freedom» does not mean the same thing, depending on whether we are born in Paris, Kabul or Bogota. The show “Somos” is looking for a common language of mankind and itries to translate the sign language into an acrobatic language to evoke the beauty and the difficulty of what unites humans in all countries of the world.

Acrobats question in a very physical and frontal way our relationship with others: trust, complementarity and metaphorically, the question of coexistence. The acrobat’s first language is based on the body and on choreographic gestures. We are acrobat and for the past seventeen years we have been working as a duo performing acrobatic lifts.

September 9 and 10, 7PM at VEF Culture palace (Ropažu street 2, Riga)

About the show

 “We are,” (“Somos” in Spanish) says the title of the show. We are together and we are individually. The formal origin of the show is to translate sign language into acrobatics. Sign language is a language that could allow all men to understand each other, but it is spoken by a minority. The body language shows the beauty and the difficulty of uniting people. “Somos” is somewhere on the border between circus and dance, a joyful and determined practice of humanity.

The creators of the show, Wilmer Marquez and Edward Aleman, both are from Colombia, both in their thirties, and they look at the world, as artists, through the filter of their own personal stories: “Given our social background we did not imagine one day becoming circus performers in Europe. Yet life, certain people we met along the way and struggles we have had, have all contributed to making our destiny different. This is why, for our third piece of work, we have invited our «brothers» from Colombia, acrobats, dancers, tumblers, tightrope walkers, trained at the Ecole supérieure des arts du Cirque in Brussels to join us on stage. This project is very important to us because we believe that it is collectively that we can make a difference. Wilmer Marquez and Edward Aleman SOMOS simply brings joy. It leaves us with a light heart, happy SOMOS Lifelong friends from the streets of Bogotá, of which we can feel the chaotic rumbling, the artists of SOMOS talk about their childhood and shared memories. They play, push and tease each other, with gentle humanity. This show, a celebration of the brotherhood, leaves the audience shaken and inspired.”


About the Compagnie Bêstîa

 Wilmer Marquez and Edward Aleman together develop artistic projects based on several of their own characteristics.

• The connection to Colombia, their homeland, which shows through their sources of inspiration as much as their desire in the coming years to create direct artistic partnerships with the country.

• Their self-taught multidisciplinary journey before joining the Centre national des arts du Cirque de Châlons in Champagne, a prestigious school in France.

• Their experience as Colombians living in Europe, which inspires themes such as encounters, loneliness, homelessness, the place of everyone in the world, which can be found in their various artistic projects.

• The search for a language and sensitive acrobatic composition.




Age: All ages, starting from school age

Duration: 1h 5 min



8–30 EUR

Event day: 12–35 EUR


Special discounts:

Children and youth up to age 25, seniors and people with disabilities – 15%*

Circus school students – 20%

Group discounts are available for groups of 5 to 10 persons (15% discount) and groups 10 to 20 (20% discount). For larger groups please contact cirks@cirks.lv.

* Places for wheelchairs are available (including a free seat for the accompanying person). To reserve a seat or get more information about access with wheelchairs please contact us by email at cirks@cirks.lv



Parter: With a valid Covid-19 certificate ONLY for person’s that have recovered from Covid-19 within the past 6 months or vaccinated persons.

Balcony:  With a valid Covid-19 certificate for person’s that have recovered from Covid-19 within the past 6 months, fully vaccinated persons OR has negative Covid-19 test result*. In this sector masks have to be worn at all times.

*Children up to 11 years old do not need to show any certificate.