Conference as a welcoming space where to reflect on the present and define the vision of a desirable future – this is the main goal of “RIGA ICCE” conference 2022 (“Riga International Conference on Circus Education”).


The conference will take place on the 10th and 11th of May 2022, at Zeļļu street 25.

The conference is intended for a wide spectrum of international audience: educators, researchers, circus artists, teachers and other employees not only of the circus field, but also representatives of sports and arts organizations, which strive to keep up to date with the new ideas in the physical education field. This conference will be a place to create a new vision for the future of circus education, while listening to inspired talks, joining in discussions, as well as participating in workshops, working individually and together with other participants, strengthening the circus community.

The themes of this year’s conference will concentrate around artistic thinking in education, inclusion in arts education, as well as physical literacy in the artistic space. The activities will take place in person and also distantly to make it more accessible for all the participants.

The planned programme consists of theoretical speeches, informal discussions and workshops, not only led by professionals of the  Baltic and Northern countries, but also including partners from other European countries and USA.

The organizers of this event – BNCN (Baltic-Nordic Circus Network) – want not only to create a platform for discussions, but also search and share the practical tools for furthering the progress of the physical education field. Rigas cirks – the host organization – while planning the conference discussed the importance of circus arts as an important part of the arts education as a whole, encouraging synergy between similar creative fields, like dance and theater.


The range of conference topics cover artistic thinking in education, inclusive practices and physical understanding of the body, which prepares participants to think about needed positive changes in the future of education.

  • Artistic thinking is fundamental not just in the circus field, it is the basic necessity in every artistic field. To develop artistic thinking, everyone who is included in the educational process, needs to look for solutions to the challenges of the new artists in the present situation. For example the pressure and the need to prove oneself to others, while still learning to find one’s place in the creative field. How can the educator find the balance between giving the necessary tools in the learning process, while still creating a space to think independently and find individual creative paths.
  • Inclusive approach in art education is necessary to achieve the future vision of accessible education in all of its levels, creating a diverse community. To strengthen the circus field as well as its community, it is necessary to speak about diversity not only in the physical abilities and artistic expressions, but also in the emotional and communicative aspects. What are these aspects that we need to address in order to achieve a more inclusive future for creative education?
  • Physical literacy includes the ability to perform physical activities as well as the motivation and self-confidence to do so and do it with joy. Through movement it is possible to get to know oneself, mentaly and physically, while interacting with the outside space. Learning physical literacy is the basic necessity to understand how to use the body for artistic expression, but do we understand how circus disciplines can help to develop physical literacy?


The format of this conference will allow participants to join in person or to join remotely. International participants as well as local participants will join, including circus professionals – artists and theoretical researchers. It is planned to attract participants from other creative fields to create a wider space for discussion, including a wider range of experiences.

Riga ICCE 2018 



The first “Riga ICCE” conference was held in 2018, gathering more than 86 local and international circus professionals. Since the last conference there have been a lot of challenges and new themes in the circus education field, that is why the conference is happening again this year organized by Rigas cirks and Circus Syd (Sweden). In the time period from 2020 until 2022 these organizations have been leading the Baltic – Nordic circus network and this conference will mark an important moment as an ending of this period.


Riga ICCE 2018

Riga ICCE 2022 is organised by Rigas cirks and Circus Syd

This activity is supported by Nordic Culture Point, Nordic Culture Ministry  and Latvian State Culture Capital Foundation. This program is made possible by funding from the Baltic-American Freedom Foundation (BAFF). For more information about BAFF scholarships and speaker support, visit www.balticamericanfreedomfoundation.org.