Moving back into the circus building at the end at the end of 2022


Riga circus team could return to circus at the end of this year

The first part of Rīgas cirks building reconstruction process is coming to an end, so we are happy to say, that the circus team could return to Merķeļa street at the end of this year, says the CEO Māra Pāvula.

Māra pointed out that the most important benefits of this first reconstruction part is the improved thermal insulation, the new dome and the heated floors. These improvements will give the possibility to use the circus space all year round.

As an important benefit, Māra emphasises the modern rigging system, witch opens up new possibilities and creative freedom for our artists. Regarding the audience, one of the biggest surprises will be the new entrance. From now on the main entrance will be from the inner courtyard, accessible by gate from Merkela street.

Arhitektu biroja NRJA projekts

It is worth mentioning that, as soon as this part of the reconstruction will be finished, it will be possible to hold events in this circus space, but the process of settling in will continue in the next year – the year 2023 will be the year of getting to know the new space and filling it with creativity, art and our dear audience. For our audiences other public spaces within the circus building will be improved as well: info centre, courtyard, WC’s and wardrobe.

Valdis Koks, the spokesperson for the construction company Aidaco Group, pointed out that the works on the ceiling are being finished, in the arena the works on the balcony are being carried out. The balcony will be made from CLT panels.

The head of this construction project, an architect from NRJA, emphasises that there are more years of work ahead of us until we reach the final vision of the renewed Riga circus building. For now the first part of the reconstruction will allow us to use the arena for shows as well as we will be able to use it as a training space.