Re Riga!: “Follow Me” by Be Flat


August 17 –21 it is – the extended weekend of  the Re Riga! festival!  The full program of the festival you can find HERE.

One of the festival highlights will be the performance “Follow Me” by “Be Flat” – August 20 and 21!

Photo: Ana Desetnica, Jimmy Kets, Luka Dakskobler

About the “Follow Me” performance

The two acrobats of Be Flat have prepared a unique tour of Riga for a select group of followers. The streets of the city, the facades of the buildings and the cobblestones below are transformed into an urban circus piste. But “Follow Me” is not only a performance to be watched, it is a playful collective journey through public space. So turn off your cell phones, tighten your shoelaces, and let’s go!

In Follow Me two ‘urban acrobats’ interpret the public space. The duo invites you to become part of the followers and thus discover the city in a unique way. The streets of the district are transformed into a stage with the facades as a backdrop, the cobblestones as a dance carpet and the traffic as a soundscape. Follow Me is the first production of Be Flat (creation 2017-2018). An acrobatic performance that is rewritten per location. A continuous adaptation process in which the environment is the determining factor.

About the “Be Flat” company

Be Flat is a Ghent circus company founded by Ward Mortier and Thomas Decaesstecker. The mix of acrobatic circus with urban sports provides the individuality of Be Flat. Be Flat is the chameleon among circus artists. By responding to the environment, each performance becomes a unique event. As residents of the urban environment, we question public space. The city is a living organism, in constant change. How do we use this common space? Who are we in today’s street scene?

Be Flat stands for equality. We play for everyone. Our goal is to bring spectators from different backgrounds into contact with each other in a creative way during and after the ‘interventions’.

Duration: 60 minutes

Age: 6+



Directors / Circusartists : Ward Mortier, Thomas Decaesstecker

Dramaturgical advice: Craig Weston

External viewpoint : Sander De Cuyper

External Ear / Composition: Karen Van Shaik



Sporta 2 quarter



August 20, 6PM

August 21, 2PM


Free entrance