Masterclass: Street performances


“Circus outside the circus”: workshop on street performance creating process and interaction with the audience

When: August 15-17

Where: at Riga Circus school and its surroundings (25, Zeļļu iela 25)

The master class will be held in English.

We will be waiting for applications until August 6

Workshop is boosted  by “Grassroot – Baltic circus artists’ network” supported by Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture!

About the workshop

The theme of the workshop is based on the need to create a versatile and real artistic experience. How does one create artistic experience interacting with surroundings and with a spectator? How to work on adapting to the environment to be able to fluctuate within the energy that the open space has always been subject to modifications? Workshop participants will work on perception, convenience, composition, improvisation and ability to use space and, above all, reality to their advantage. Being able to be where it is not very comfortable to be, is simply being.

About the masterclass mentor

Mariano Gedwillo, better known by his stage name Cronopio, is a clown, director, tightrope walker and juggler from Argentina. In 2002, he founded the clown theater company Compañía de Trabajadores Kallejeros, so that clowning would reach not only big cities, but also small towns and villages. Mariano’s search for a true and authentic image of the Clown is based in the realities of life, so he is interested in interacting with very different audiences. The content of the master class will also be based on his clowning experience as an artist.


Representatives of the circus or other performing arts with an interest in the specifics of street art. Aimed at Clowns Actors Circus Artists Musicians Social workers in the territory who want to explore stage work on the street and unconventional spaces.

Time schedule

Duration 3 meetings of 4 hours each

Tuesday, August 15 at 11.00 – 14.00
Wednesday, August 16  at 11.00 – 15.00,
Thursday, August 17  at 13.30 – 16.30.

Times are still subject to change

All master classes have the same application form

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We ask you to apply as early as possible, the number of places is limited, so priority is given to participants – on a first-come, first-served basis!

Travel and accommodation stipends are available by Grassroot artists’ network for those who want to participate and live outside of Riga! Indicate the support you need when filling out the application form.