Marina Cherry – artist-in-residence


Marina Cherry – mākslas rezidencē
Lanky loidlings.
Squishy Schloompings.
Spiky Spa-doo-dlings

we are happy to welcome at Rīgas cirks art-residency Marina Cherry – a contortionist and circus artist, who zooms and tiptoes through a micro-space. Fragmenting pieces of a spunky personal universe puddle over the stage for her solo performance, “Only Bones v1.6.”, written and Performed by Marina Cherry.

Intriguingly engulfing, sporadically disturbing, this quirky conglomeration creates a mishmash of corporal and cerebral manipulations- a follow-up project to the original Only Bones (v.1.0) created by Thomas Monckton. Bursting the bubbles of banality, in a balance between theatrical and physical, Marina nudges the limits, researching innovation amongst extreme constraints, using only one light, it is a maximization of the minimal.


Marina is a contortionist/acro-dancer and graduate of ESAC (École Supérieure des Arts du Cirque) in Brussels after starting off her professional circus formation at ENC (École Nationale de Cirque) in Montreal. Originally from Montana in the US, she is now based in Stockholm, Sweden. Marina is currently in the process of creation for the solo performance Only Bones v1.6 as well as her other solo project NINGEN (including both a performance and a full-length show) that will officially premiere at Festival Courant D’Airs in Brussels in April 2020.

Supported by: The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme