“Krustām šķērsām” – Circus Show for Children


The Riga Circus continues the season with the show Krustām škērsām for the smallest spectators – the children. The show will be presented by the Swedish Circus Troup Kompani Giraff. This is not an ordinary story, it is a game where spectators have to use their imagination, but the artists must use acrobatics, acting and some magic. Tickets for the show are now available at bilesuserviss.lv.

Two circus artists create on stage living sculptures and make lifeless things, e.g. a bucket and a broom, come to life. To make this happen, they need a lot of concentration and even magic. Sometimes the artists are wondering themselves – where are they? Maybe they are inside a huge bucket of paint? In the secret room? In the magic forest? Imagination allows you to get ‘from nowhere’ into ‘somewhere’ and to look at the most common things from an unusual angle.

The show Krustām šķērsām (Tvärslöjd) was created in 2015 and it has been shown not only in Sweden, but also in many countries in Europe and in the world, e.g. in China.

The contemporary circus community Kompani Giraff, which is based in Stockholm, drew inspiration in their work from movement, poetry and magic. The performers of the circus show Krustām šķērsām are proficient at such disciplines as handstand, juggling and acrobatics.

Jenny Soddu is an acrobat who is trying to combine manipulation of objects with handstand in her performances. She uses the naive and free way of expression characteristic of clowns, which we will soon see on stage. Perhaps Jenny is the only Swedish artist having a Bachelor’s Degree in Circus Studies and a Master’s Degree in Clownery. This knowledge, as well as her previous experience in gymnastics and keen passion for various physical tricks, allowed the artist to work with a wide variety of audiences and performances in various formats all around the world.

Julietta Birkeland has been studying circus art since the age of 15: at first in Stockholm, then in Paris, and later in Brussels. After graduation in 2012, the artist has performed in many parts of the world both as an acrobat and as a juggler.

Odrija Fišere, a curator of the Riga Circus Programme:

“This year the Riga Circus celebrates its 130th anniversary. Although the circus is changing, the children remain the same and they will always be a very important circus audience. If for some kids this is the very first circus show in their life, it’s a marvellous beginning, while for the rest Krustām šķērsām is a wonderful opportunity to see that the modern circus can amaze, excite and impress and, what is most important, it has a good story to tell which keeps us captivated also after the show.”

Krustām šķērsām will show on Saturday, 10 March, at 11.00 and 15.00.
Venue: the ZUZEUM Art Centre, Lāčplēša iela 101, Riga.
Duration: 30 minutes.
Recommended age of the audience: children, starting from the age of 3, attending kindergarten and elementary school.
Non-verbal performance.

Visitors are welcome to arrive at the Zuzeum Art Centre half an hour in advance where the kids together with their elder brothers and sisters, as well as parents, could engage in games, use their imagination, play with GIGI large-sized building blocks and discover the magic world of circus!


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