Clowning show “Pachamamo” – now in schools


A lighthearted show about a clumsy traveler.

Lenght of the show: 40 min

Target audience: age 7 to 12, but adaptable to all ages

About the show “Pachamamo”

Pachamama is an ancient goddess for the Latin American indigenous people. She is the “Mother Earth”, the fertility goddess. What is the relationship we have with mother earth? When we travel – does the relationship change? If it does – how?
Carrying sounds, tricks and other knick-knacks in his suitcase, our clumsy traveller tries to explore a new place. Or is it new? Maybe it feels familiar after all.
Through humorous and unexpected ways Cronopio explores what it means to be a traveler.

The show involves a little interaction from the audience, as the artist, as any traveler, might need a helpful hand throughout his journey.


Photo: Vladimirs Svetlovs, Inese Kalniņa, Edgars Semanis


Cronopio (Mariano Gedwillo) is a clown, director, tightrope walker and juggler from Argentina with family roots in Latvia. He started his career in the art world in 1997, performing in Argentina and other South American countries, as well as in Europe. In 2002, he founded the clown theatre company Compañía de Trabajadores Kallejeros, so that clowning would reach not only big cities, but also small towns and villages. Mariano’s search for a true and authentic Clown character is based on the realities of life, so he is interested in interacting with very different audiences – rich and poor, young and old, serious and funny, interested and sceptical.

Extra information

Together with the show, the schools are provided with methodical material with questions and information to deepen the knowledge about circus and clowning as a art form – how clowns may often be associated with silliness in a negative connotation, but is it really that simple to be a clown? What does it mean to be a clown? Why do we find it funny, when someone falls down or can’t understand something. These and more questions about this theme are worth to think about and the show “Pachamamo” can kick-start this thought process.

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