Grassroot workshop “Invisible strings”


Workshop of the circus dramaturgy series organized by Šiuolaikinio Cirko Asociacija was lead by mentor Roberto Magro – circus director, artist, teacher and dramaturg from Italy during May 23-28, 2022 in Kaunas, “Cirko Sapiens”.

During the workshop Baltic circus artists were introduced to ” The invisible strings” method created by Roberto Magro as a tool for creative training for circus artists. This method is based on expanding the performance vocabulary of circus artists through seven vectors (space, tempo, levels, dimensions, rhythm, texture, body lines). Doing exercises through these seven vectors encourages the creativity and innovation of artists in working without and with circus props.

Organizers: Šiuolaikinio Cirko Asociacija (Contemporary Circus Association of Lithuania);

Supported by: “Cirko Sapiens”, “Teatronas”

Funded by Lithuanian Council for Culture

Participants travel bursaries provided by “Grassroot – Baltic circus artists’ network” supported by the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture