Fauna in residency


Circus company “Fauna” (UK) are taking part in Riga circus artist residency programme. They are staying in Riga from August 3–24 and working on their new creation.

FAUNA is a multi-discipline acrobatics and contemporary circus company combining high-level acrobatics and physical theatre with live music.

The artists met each other at the Dance and Circus University DOCH in Stockholm. The company began in 2016 and was instantly offered a British Arts Council grant to develop and present a show at the Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts. This led to offers of residencies for further development and performance opportunities around the world, however, we decided to use the Adelaide Fringe Festival as the world’s premier of our full-length show of the same name Fauna, receiving 5-star reviews and winning Best Emerging Artist and a Best Circus and Physical Theatre weekly award.
On 2018 the show Fauna was presented for Riga audience as a part of Riga Circus program.

Since the beginning of 2020 Fauna is working on a new show. It is still in creation, so during the festival RE RIGA! we will see its work-in-progress.
The new creation seems like a natural progression from Fauna’s first show, which dove into ideas of the primal animalistic facets of humanity. In this show, artists will use a magnifying glass to delve into the smaller wonders the natural world provides for us, giving gentle reminders of its medicinal and cathartic nature. “We want to develop our design element so that the new show explodes with aestheticism and texture,” say artists. Keeping the focus on humans, Fauna is going to explore the idea of rewilding the spirit, environment and imagination, to find a way to balance the demands of our fast-paced society, as it continues to run in a direction further and further away from some of our fundamental necessities.

The work-in-progress will take place on Monday, 17 August at 19.00 at the Riga Circus

15–20 minutes
Disciplines: hand balancing, pair/group acrobatics, unicycle, dance acrobatics
Max visitors per performance: 200 persons
For all audiences
Free admission

Circus artists: Aino Savolainen, Imogen Huzel, Josh Frazer, Matt Pasquet
External view: Simon Ortega, Jason Dupree
Music: Geordie Little

More information: HERE