Digital teaching for circus trainers


Since the pandemic started many of us has switched to teaching trough digital platforms. While we have seen the benefit for our students mental, social and physical state, we have to admit, this process can be challenging.

We all hope to go back to face to face classes as soon as possible, but while that is not possible, it is important to meet, exchange experiences and educate ourselves on different tools that can make or work easier and user experience better.

Rigas cirks is organising a series of workshops for circus teachers to support the circus education field in Baltic states. We have initially planned 3 classes on Sundays 6th, 13th and 20th of December at 7pm-9pm EEST time.

6th of December: How to improve digital training spaces and live performances online

40 min Exchange of existing practices and diagnosing the needs for continuous learning.
40 min 1 h Practical workshop from Jason Dupree on how to set up more professional digital training spaces and how to create digital live performing shows in context of circus schools by Jason Dupree
40 min questions and discussions

Jason Dupree is circus director and artist from UK. He is running a company Living Room circus, works as a teacher in Riga circus school and is currently doing his Master in Stockholms University of Arts (previously DOCH). For his work he has been researching and giving classes on online live performance streaming and is happy to share his knowledge with us.

13th of December – New material for teaching online
40 min Exchange of existing practices and diagnosing the needs for continuous learning.
40 min – 1 h Lecture, practical workshop (leader to be updated)
40 min questions and discussions

20th of December
To be updated. Open for suggestions.

All sessions will be free of charge for trainers in the limited capacity, priority is given to trainers working in circus schools in Baltic states, but few places can be given to other participants if capacity allows.
All Sessions will be recorded and sent to participants.

Workshop will take place on Zoom:
Please download zoom prior to meetings.
You may be asked to download additional tools to fully experience practical workshops.

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