Confines 10.04.


The performance “Confines” is a co-creation by Estonian aerial artist Grete Gross and Latvian musicians Ēriks Kiršfelds and Ventis Zilberts. The performance combines circus, visual art, poetry, and the music of distinguished composer Arvo Pärt. “Confines” tells a story of the journey of learning to accept and love oneself. From delving into suppressed feelings such as anger, shame and pain, and then accepting them, layer by layer it peels off the disguises, digs into the rotten debris and finds the greatest beauty suppressed by shame. To see all the colours hidden so well, to hear all the words, whispered so still. And then – tabula rasa, finding oneself at a new beginning, then finally covering the white canvas with all the colours of life.
Nominations: Estonian Theatre Award 2016, category of United Performance Art
Residencies: Sansusi Festival, Cirkör LAB, Jatka 78

Grete Gross believes that if a person is given the chance to be on stage and speak up, then this opportunity must be used wisely. Her wish is to speak about topics that matter, to be an artist in the best meaning of the word, not only an entertainer.
Air has been Grete’s passion since she was a child – she has studied for 9 years at Circus Studio Folie in Tallinn; in 2015 Grete graduated from SaSak Circus School in Finland. Since then the artist has worked with several circus companies in Estonia and Finland (Big Wolf Company, Mago, Stunt Theatre Kajakas), and also as a solo artist.

The performance in Riga on April 10 will be a unique chance to see “Confines” accompanied by recognized classical music performers – cellist Ēriks Kiršfelds and pianist Ventis Zilberts.

“Confines” will take place on Tuesday, April 10 at 19:00 at Art Centre ZUZEUM, 101 Lāčplēša Street, Riga. After the performance – you are welcome to the conversation with artists about the creation of the performance.

Duration: 40 minutes
Recommended age: 10+