“Christmas Dust” – a winter show at Rīgas cirks


“Christmas dust” is a winter themed family show, where circus, theatre and a Uniwintercorn comes together. How does that look like and what does it mean? You have to join us to find out attendig the shows between December 17 and January 11!

About the show

“Christmas dust” is a winter show for the whole family in 2 parts.

Theater and circus meets here. The Christmas elfs Ausmiņa and Fiksītis are worried that the Christmas unicorn with the magical Christmas dust has disappeared. To rescue Christmas the elves go on a quest to find the magical creature.

Photos: Didzis Grodzs


Video: Uvis Leskavnieks

Sugested age: For all ages (tickets needed from the age of 3)

Length of the show: 90 min (in 2 acts)



December 17: 11AM  / 6PM

December 19: 18:30

December 28: 11AM  / 6:30PM

December 29: 11AM  / 6:30PM

December 30: 11.00AM / 2PM

January 6: 6:30 PM

January 7: 11.00 AM / 6PM

January 8: 6PM

January 10: 6.30PM

January 11: 7PM


Where: at Rīgas cirks (Merķeļa street 4)


Tickets: From 15 EUR


Created by:

Rīgas cirks and Kvadrifrons