An artist from Denmark in our residency program


Starting from December 29 the project “Set Sound To Riga Circus” will be developed within the Riga Circus Residency Program by the sound and performance artist Gudrun Holck from Denmark.

The artist is working with various art forms based on vocals through her concept “Everything starts with Song”. In 2011 she created a 6-hours duration performance including own new compositions for The National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen. It was the start of her Song Installation concept “Set Sound To…“, in which she has now created and composed more than 10 art pieces including more than 100 performances.
The project “Set Sound To Riga Circus” will be developed in cooperation with Latvian artist Eva Vēvere. The result of the residency project is expected to be on view in the Riga Circus in the beginning of the next summer.

Gudrun Holck worked as a residency artist of the historic Christiansø Island in the middle of The Baltic Sea including seven different outdoor art performances pieces and concerts with multiple performances during two summer periods. Holck has released two music albums
“Stærk” and “Muse” and a number of music films/videos. With her music she has performed in Mali, Nigeria, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Greenland, Sweden, Norway, Mexico, Bulgaria, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Russia.

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Insight into the previous work of both artists in a project that took place in Copenhagen:


Riga Circus residency program is created aiming at becoming an interdisciplinary laboratory for new artists. It will host artists, that are willing to work on new circus show ideas or other site – specific projects connected to Riga Circus.


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