PHOTO: Looking back on BETA CIRCUS Training week #4


Facing the mission to boost European trends and artists in circus arts, BETA CIRCUS aims to address new paths in contemporary circus and to offset the lack of opportunities for artists to get trained at a high professional level. BETA CIRCUS opened up an international programme to support the training of emerging professionals, based on transnational mobility for learning, and give them the opportunity to take a step forward, internationalizing their careers and introducing them to new aesthetics and techniques.

Following a full year journey with training weeks, conferences, and experiences all around Europe, the 12 international participants achieved the last leg of the project: the moment to #TRY the learned skills, testing possibilities for their future careers. With the close support and mentoring of Valentine Losseau, one of the key artists in the contemporary magic field, the BETA CIRCUS participants group worked hard and pushed their creativity for a public performing exercise. Riga (Latvia) and Novi Sad (Serbia) were the stages for the presentations of the high-quality output of the capacity building programme, exposing the talent of 12 emerging artists for the magic European scene.

Aleš Hrdlička, Annika Hemmerling, Berna Huidobro, Danka Sekulovic, Enrico Mazza, Francesca Hyde, Hazel Lam, Luuk Brantjes, Maxime Weinmann, Robin Beer, Salla Hakanpää, and Tom Cassani are the 12 names to retain and follow in the next years as strong examples of a creative and attentive generation of artists.

Next July a video documentary about the experience of the participants and the project will be launched. Stay tuned and discover a bit more about the artistic vision and creative profile of the participants.

Foto: Krīstīne Madjare