Stories of the Riga Circus

The aim of the project Stories of the Riga Circus is to acknowledge those people who are part of the recent history of the Riga Circus. This page presents audio narratives and pictures taken during the project. Over time new stories will...

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Georgijs Sokolovskis

This is a story about Georgijs Sokolovskis who, having worked in the Riga Circus for only one season, claims that it is a “swamp” – in the best sense of the word, as the circus draws you in and never lets you go. Georgijs Sokolovskis...

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Lauris Cepurītis

An electrician in the circus is not just an electrician – in the circus everyone must be a jack of all trades! And in the circus everything is interconnected. It depends on the work of the electrician or the...

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Darja Golobokih

The Riga Circus is a place to come back to. It is a place where Darja Golobokih, a trainer of dogs and cats, grew up and spent her childhood. What was it like to grow up in the Riga...

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Gabriels Gots

Gabriels Gots knew from the age of 9 that his goal was not only to work in the circus, but to become a circus director. And the circus director must know all the...

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