“En attendant le grand soir” by LE DOUX SUPPLICE


It’s an ode to the ball, an introduction to the party, where gradually, unknowingly, through the simple pleasure of being together, we become part of them, drawn into this collective adventure: the gentle giddiness of dance. When: October 10, 11 and 12, 7PM Where: Rīgas Cirks (Merķeļa street 4) Suggested age: 5+ Duration of the show:…

A performance-installation “carry on” at Rīgas cirks


carry on Rigas cirks, transcending its past, present and future An intriguing performance-installation that each time is presented in a very different way depending on the place, be it the contemporary arts museum in Leuven, a huge culture complex in Tokyo, or a historical circus building in Riga. See the photos from the performance: HERE….

Re Riga! festival: “Yin Zéro” by Cie Monad (free)


Dance and juggling hypnosis. When: 15h of August, 6.30PM at Riga circus with registered free tickets 17th, 18, 19th, 6:00PM at Vermanes Garden, no tickets needed Suggested age: 0+ ( tickets needed from the age of 3) Duration of the show: 25 min “Yin Zéro” The show “Yin Zero” combines juggling with elements of dervish…