Riga circus and Circus Syd – BNCN co-hosts

Riga Circus and Cirkus Syd to co-host Baltic-Nordic Circus Network From 2020-2022 Cirkus Syd and Riga Circus, two members of Baltic Nordic Circus Network, create a new type of partnership and together co-host the BNCN Network. Baltic Nordic Circus Network (BNCN) is a collaborative network of 17...

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Marina Cherry – artist-in-residence

Marina Cherry – mākslas rezidencē We are happy to welcome at Riga circus art-residency Marina Cherry – a contortionist and circus artist, who zooms and tiptoes through a micro-space. Fragmenting pieces of a spunky personal universe puddle over the stage...

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“Babel, Glöm” by “Kaaos Kaamos”

Circus show “Babel, Glöm” They try together to be better, to "reach the sky". It's about links, community or family. And yes, they are definitely not the same people. They don't even speak the same language. Babel's curse? Forget...

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Riga Circus residencies: Nygårds Karin Bengtsson

Starting from January 12 Riga Circus Residency Program welcomes contemporary artist from Sweden Nygårds Karin Bengtsson. Nygårds Karin Bengtsson works with staged photography. Her work revolves around timeless issues: Man's relation to time and space, fact and fiction, memory and vision....

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Exhibition “Commission”

Marta Trektere (Elīna Vītola, Amanda Ziemele) — Commission  The new exhibition season’s second event at the elephant stables of Riga Circus, where the collaborations of various different artists will unravel before your eyes. In this project: Marta Trektere with Elīna Vītola and Amanda Ziemele. Marta Trektere is...

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