November 12, 13, 7PM

Dzelzceļa muzejs

(Latvian Railway History Museum)

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“Surface” by Familiar Faces

A physical piece guided by the laws of water. Influenced by partner acrobatics, Surface is a full-length performance created and presented by an international group. It is a research on how we relate, as humans, to nature. The human being as something that molds its environment. Nature as a house that offers shelter and opportunity to everything inside it. Now, in 2020, we ask ourselves what is happening to this relationship.

December 16, 17, 7PM

Dzelzceļa muzejs

(Latvian Railway History Museum)

Tickets soon

“How to welcome the Aliens” by EAEO

For this show we will make our own special occasion.  We choose: The landing of the aliens on Earth. We will welcome the aliens by showing them juggling that makes them discover life on Earth, its history, its matter, its gravity, its atmosphere, and its physics.


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