Liene Pērkone


Based on the authorization contract of Ministry of Culture, Liene is the CEO of Riga Circus as of March 6th, 2019. Her main tasks and aims within the institution of Riga Circus is the implementation of the operational strategy, implementation of the project of energo-efficiency project, as well as further development of circus arts on local and international level through circus shows, artist residencies, circus school activities as well as meaningful local and international collaborations.

Māra Pāvula

Head of Riga Circus school

Māra is responsible for running Riga Circus School, contact her if you want to join. The school starts in September 2017 as a leisure education for children and adults. Mara is also the right person to speak to, if in need for Baltic contemporary circus artists as she created the “Next door circus” – a platform for contemporary circus in the Baltic states.

Ainārs Pričins

Work manager

He is responsible for organizing daily work – purchases, renovations etc.

Rita Ivaņionoka

Cleaner of the viewer area

    Irina Degtjarenko

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