talks about circus

Liquorice and Lemons, 12.04.


Photos from “Liquorice and Lemons” and talks about circus, last Circus Day, April 12. Photo: Inese Kalniņa    

The Circus Days. 11.04.


Photo from Circus Day, 11.04. “Talks about Circus” with Petri Heikkilä (FI) Photo: Inese Kalniņa

Talks about circus — circus expert Yohann Flock


On Wednesday, May 23 at 6 PM in Kaņepes Kultūras centrs  – first talks about circus. Riga Circus is changing and this is the right time for circus expert Yohann Flock  to let us be aware of diversity of contemporary circus art and understand what is characteristic working with circus management. The Riga Circus is…