Photos: Re Riga! festival 2023


The international contemporary circus and street art festival RE RIGA! Nr. 11 has passed by a way too quickly – local and international shows, workshops for young and experienced artists and journalists, overwhelming indoor shows and surprising outdoor happenings mixed with sunny and stormy days in the literal meaning. It was a pleasure to meet…

Re Riga! festival: “Yin Zéro” by Cie Monad (free)


Dance and juggling hypnosis. When: 15h of August, 6.30PM at Riga circus with registered free tickets 17th, 18, 19th, 6:00PM at Vermanes Garden, no tickets needed Suggested age: 0+ ( tickets needed from the age of 3) Duration of the show: 25 min “Yin Zéro” The show “Yin Zero” combines juggling with elements of dervish…