Aleksejs Smolovs

Health sports specialist, Cyr wheel artist, fire juggler


In the winter of 2017, Aleksejs graduated Riga Stradiņš University with a diploma of a health sports specialist qualifying in medical gymnastics. Aleksejs works in the gym and the research laboratory of the National Rehabilitation Centre Vaivari.

Aleksejs has been practicing martial arts and dance; he has worked with groups and has conducted individual sessions in martial arts and GPP.

He regularly participates in various master classes studying movement and certain circus disciplines (e.g. handstand, partner acrobatics, Russian bar, Chinese pole etc.) in Latvia and abroad (in Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark, Spain, Russia, Italy etc.).

Aleksejs uses his knowledge and skills to conduct GPP training sessions and classes in certain disciplines e.g. handstand, floor acrobatics, basics of juggling.

In his work Aleksejs focuses on the overall training of the body helping people to be aware of their movements, to analyse and understand them. By understanding certain principles of movement, it is easier to perform various tasks which may be helpful not only in the circus but also in everyday life.