Olga Brode

Acrobat and health sports specialist

Olga has been united with the world of circus since her childhood from the age of 7 she has been engaged in sports acrobatics, later she became active in the circus studio “Arlekīns”, in the composition of which she performed with a variety of acrobatic performances at circus festivals both in Latvia and abroad. Olga has obtained the qualification of a fitness trainer at the Riga Stradins University and has used the acquired knowledge while working as a Pilates’ trainer at a fitness club and as the coach of cheerleader acrobatics. Olga is particularly fond of individual work she has also given private classes of acrobatics and choreography to children and adults.

Olga has always liked to perform herself and to teach and inspire others, and she continues to do so at the Riga Circus School, where she runs the classes of couples’ acrobatics, focusing on cooperation with the partner in performing the elements of acrobatics.

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