Madara Garklāva

Somatics and dance improvisation teacher


Madara has a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy (University of Latvia, 2003) and a qualification of a dance and somatics educator (ISLO, Finland, 2015).

Her previous pedagogical experience is related to teaching somatics and movement for children (at I-DEJAS MĀJA, in several Montessori preschools and yoga centres). She has acquired valuable experience working a year in Finland as an instructor for the future dance and somatics teachers. Together with Māris Portugālis she has developed an Acromatics course, which combines somatics and dance tasks in teaching of acrobatics.

What attracts Madara to the Riga Circus School is the opportunity and desire to use somatics as a tool to make children feel what it’s like to put themselves in somebody else’s shoes, to provide and receive support and to express themselves and to enjoy it.

Madara herself will largely contribute to building an atmosphere of trust and reliance where there is no place for fear of failure.

Photo: Jussi Seppälä