Katrīna Albuže

Choreographer, dancer and dance teacher

Katrīna has a Bachelor’s Degree in Choreography of Contemporary Dance (Latvian Academy of Culture, 2011) and a diploma of a dance ensemble teacher (Latvian Academy of Culture, 2007).

She teaches contemporary dance, improvisation and contact improvisation, takes part in contemporary dance performances and other stage-related projects, she also choreographs theatre and dance performances. During the 2016–2017 season of the Latvian Annual Theatre Awards “Spēlmaņu nakts” (“Players’ Night”), she was nominated in the categories Movement Artist of the Year for choreography in the play “Neiekostais elkonis” (“Unbitten Elbow”) and Achievement in Contemporary Dance for choreography in the play “Eksperiments ar apskāvienu” (“An Experiment with a Hug”) in collaboration with choreographers Alise Putniņa and Modris Opelts.

In the Circus School Katrīna will teach GPP training, create warm and welcoming atmosphere of solidarity among the participants and will show the children the magical energy of stage. What most attracts Katrīna in teaching is the ability to enable others to be physically fit, healthy and creative: to create the environment where everyone can feel free, dare to take chances, pursue ideas and experiment, where everyone is allowed to make mistakes, thus helping the children to become inventors rather than consumers.