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Stories of the Riga Circus

The aim of the project Stories of the Riga Circus is to acknowledge those people who are part of the recent history of the Riga Circus. This page presents audio narratives and pictures taken during the project. Over time new stories will...

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Georgijs Sokolovskis

This is a story about Georgijs Sokolovskis who, having worked in the Riga Circus for only one season, claims that it is a “swamp” – in the best sense of the word, as the circus draws you in and never lets you go. Georgijs Sokolovskis...

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Vilnis Nerets

Vilnis Nerets, who is in charge of smooth operation and maintenance works in the Riga Circus, is a true circus enthusiast and patriot who urges all his friends and relatives to come and watch circus shows. And it is...

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Vija Veita

The ringmistress Vija Veita came to the Riga Circus in 1969. As she herself puts it, the circus was looking for “a lass in a folk costume” who could speak Latvian and Russian, say some words in Polish and guide the audience through the circus...

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Valērijs Komisarenko

Caoutchoucs and klishniks (frontbending and backbending contortionists) – these unusual words often appeared in the circus posters. Contortionists are performers who show their skills of extreme physical flexibility in the ring or on stage. Although contortion is one of...

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