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Show “Caterpillars”

The show for kids Caterpillars will take place on March 15 and 16 in arts centre Zuzeum. “Caterpillars” is a show for kids of age 4 to 99. It is a like a magical and weird dream, where stage is filled by colours and funny events...

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PREMIERE. Sidraba Šķidrums

KVADRIFRONS presents: SIDRABA ŠĶIDRUMS. An erotic thriller, that takes place in sauna. Performance "Sidraba šķidrums" tells about six related representatives of different sexual orientations and beliefs. Their destinies differ because of their incapability to guide themselves in the changing value system and inability to answer the question...

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A Simple Space

Australian circus stars – troupe Gravity and Other Myths on tour in Riga with the show A Simple Space   The Riga Circus offers its audience a unique opportunity – to see the show A Simple Space performed by the world-famous award-winning Australian circus troupe Gravity...

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Krustām šķērsām photo

Thanks everybody for beautiful and joyful moments before, during and after Kompani Giraff shows on March 10 at Zuzeum. Photo: Kristīne Madjare ...

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