Clara Norman (SE)

Clara works at Cirkus Cirkör in the Education Department. She has a background as a professional actress for twenty years, mostly working with complex themes through long-term projects focusing on children and youth. She started working at Cirkus Cirkör four years ago as a project manager with responsibility for Cirkör’s activities in the municipality of Botkyrka. Even though Sweden is a rich country we have areas where the socioeconomic situation is very difficult, with low levels of participation in activities as well as low levels of education. Clara’s passion is to provide challenging and developing activities for kids who need it most and for her circus is the perfect tool to do so. She’s educated at Skara Skolscen and Scenskolan and has worked at Riksteatern (National Touring Theatre), Stockholms Stadsteater (Stockholm City Theatre), Sveriges Radio (Swedish National Radio), but most notably at Unga Klara with famous director Suzanne Osten.