Sessions for children

Sessions for children aged between 7 and 16 at the Riga Circus School. Please read the updated information about the sessions HERE.

Timetable and prices of the sessions:


Price: EUR 35 per month or EUR 130 for the whole term

    (basic activity on Saturday + 1 optional specialised session in the evenings on weekdays)
    Price: EUR 45 per month

(basic activity on Saturday + 2 optional specialised sessions in the evenings on weekdays)
Price: EUR 50 per month

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Content of sessions:

Learning about different circus disciplines, children have an opportunity to comprehensively develop their general physical preparedness (GPP) as well as mental abilities. Cooperation among children of different ages during the sessions facilitates mastering of various disciplines (e.g. partner acrobatics, balancing), and diminish the sense of competition among peers.

Each session includes time for communication with the teacher, warming up and GPP exercises, developing games, mastering the basics of each discipline, and cooling down and stretching exercises.

  • Basic activity on Saturday lasts 2 hours and it is conducted simultaneously by 2 instructors – a group teacher who constantly works on children’s physical development and another instructor who introduces children to a new circus discipline.
  • Specialised sessions in the evenings on workdays last 90 minutes and are organised in small groups in order to study more thoroughly a certain discipline.

Sessions are conducted by:

  • Katrīna Albuže, a choreographer, dancer and dance teacher;
  • Dmitrijs Pudovs, a fire juggler and martial arts instructor;
  • Aleksejs Smolovs, a health sports specialist and Cyr Wheel artist;
  • Madara Garklāva, a somatics and dance improvisation teacher;
  • Aleksandrs Beļackis, an acrobat and dancer;
  • occasionally, sessions will be conducted by guest teachers from the international partner organisations of the SLLC Rīgas cirks.


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